Product Photography

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that involves taking pictures of products for commercial use. Product photography's ultimate purpose is to capture a realistic image of the item. 

This enables potential purchasers to get a sense of what the product is like. This is significant because the buyer will not be able to inspect the item in person. To summarise, the purpose of product photography is to make the product look appealing and realistic.

Product photography is critical for e-commerce businesses to promote the items they sell. These photos will be used on product pages, as well as in marketing campaigns and on social media. Professional e-commerce photography assists customers in making more informed decisions when comparing competing products.

Types of Product Photography

Individual Shots

The most common kind of product photography is individual shots, where a single item is the focal point of the image. This kind of shot allows the product photographer to emphasize the features of a single product.

Group Shots

When there are multiple products in a line of products, such as a skincare line of products, groups photos are used in product photography. Group shots are also used when there is a relationship between the items, such as in a promotion where a consumer gets one product if they buy something else. 

Detail Shots

The term "detail shots" refers to exactly what the name implies. These are close-up, detailed shots of one feature of the product. Detail shots are used to highlight exceptional features of a product that may not be present in a competitor's product.

Lifestyle Photography

 Lifestyle photography works even more with ‘still life photography. It’s aimed at showing the item as it would be used in daily life. This is the type of photography where you may show your products in action. Lifestyle photos communicate the story behind your product and show your customers how to use it in their everyday lives. To the customers, this style enables them to see how your products appear when in use. The photography of lifestyle products is significantly more dynamic. When done correctly, this sort of product photography is eye-catching and visually appealing.

Mannequin Photos

If you’re working with clothing, having high-grade mannequin shots is a must - particularly for potential customers browsing through your website. These types of images provide a three-dimensional look to your clothing range, helping customers to see how they’d look when being worn.

What is the significance of high-quality product photography?

 Product photography is more than just showing your customers their stuff. Some of the advantages of investing in the high-quality product photography are as follows:

  • Increasing conversions
  • Allowing customers to imagine the value that this product will provide
  • Increasing your customers' trust and confidence in your brand and in your company.
  • Keeping people on your pages scrolling for longer periods of time
  • Returns are minimized.


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